All relationship problems can be solved

What is the Mind Tigers process?

Find the root cause, solve the problem

At Mind Tigers, we focus on the present rather than the past so you can get your relationship back on track.  Our process involves discovering the exact root cause of your relationship problem, followed by a 7-week guided program to solve the problem.

Evidence-based programs

Our guided programs curate the best practices from behavioral sciences, management science, education, and technology to solve relationship problems in just seven weeks.  Over 5,000 individuals have taken our evidence-based programs to build strong and healthy relationships.

How is Mind Tigers different from couples therapy?

Not just talk therapy

Couples therapy provides no structure on how to resolve conflicts in everyday life.  Therapists focus on analyzing unhealthy patterns of relating, whereas couples need practical steps to improve communication and build friendships with one another.  90% of couples who use couples therapy alone will not change their relationships meaningfully.

Focus on application

Mind Tigers provides a step-by-step plan to communicate and resolve conflicts and get your relationship back on track.  Our guided programs cover a range of issues, such as substance abuse, infidelity, and child-rearing problems.

Why choose Mind Tigers?


Relationships can be a roller coaster, no matter how long you have been in them.  Maintaining a good relationship takes time and patience, and sometimes outside help.  Here are a few good reasons you may need Mind Tigers:

  • You no longer have the ability to communicate.
  • You can no longer resolve differences.
  • One or both of you has had an affair.
  • You are only staying together for the sake of the children.
  • The only resolution you can see is separation.

Simple and affordable

Mind Tigers can help you alter how you relate to one another and create healthier patterns for dealing with conflicts and communication for next to nothing.  Call us at +91 9555568568 for more information.

Not sure where to begin?

Mind Tigers answers questions like -

  • Why do conflicts occur in the relationship?
  • What am I doing to cause them?
  • How do I resolve them calmly?  How do I interrupt the negative pattern without causing resentment later?
  • How do I prevent conflict from occurring or recurring?

Your relationship playbook

Building a successful relationship is no simple feat.  If you’re looking for a place to start, the 7-week guided program on relationships will light the way.  In this program, you’ll learn practical techniques to boost your relationship daily.  We will equip you with proven best practices to meet the daily challenge of repairing your relationship.

More questions?

Even the most successful relationships suffer from loss of love, daily conflicts and stress that may seem difficult or impossible to resolve.  Relationship wellness can help you through these difficult situations, move beyond them and be better partners overall.

Most couples wait up to six years to seek any kind of professional help.  Contrary to popular belief, relationship wellness can begin as soon as problems start getting in your way.  If you have any concerns, any time is a good time to learn relationship wellness.

Our approach is designed to build resilience and self-reliance so you can resolve conflicts without waiting for outside help.  Unlike couples therapy, our approach works nonstop between sessions.

The goals are the same, i.e., reduce conflict, change behavior, change your responses to your partner’s behavior, find realistic and practical solutions, and empower you as a couple to make a terrific relationship.  Yet, we take a systematic approach to help you clarify what you like or don’t like in a relationship, what is important to you, and what gets in your way.  Our guided programs can help you connect to your core values and find your path toward your goals.

It has more to do with your commitment to change the status quo than the number of sessions you take.  Our guided programs are seven weeks long.  Your ability to change your relationship meaningfully depends on your commitment to learning and practicing healthy relationship habits daily.

No.  We believe that time is the most valuable commodity in life.  Therefore, we provide online programs through convenient video conferencing tools so you can take lessons from anywhere, anytime.  Refer to our Terms of use and Privacy policy for more information.

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