All relationship problems can be solved

What is Mind Tigers process?

Find the root cause, solve the problem

The process involves discovering the precise root cause of the relationship problem and following a customized 7-week self-guided program to solve the problem.

Evidence-based programs

Our programs combine the best practices from psychology, technology and management science to help people practice healthy habits on a daily basis.  Over 5,000 people have used our self-guided programs to improve their relationship outcomes.

How is Mind Tigers different from couples counseling?

Not just direction

Couples counseling provides very little structure on how to implement suggested changes in daily life.  People have to guess the steps they need to take through trial and error.  90% of couples who use couples counseling alone will not change their relationships meaningfully.

Focus on application

Mind Tigers provides exact steps and techniques for real-life application of the programs so people can get real outcomes every day.

Why Mind Tigers?

Easy and empowering

Mind Tigers is perfect for people who want be stewards of their own relationships.  We help you to create practical solutions for every relationship problem you encounter.

Affordable and tailored

With Mind Tigers, you can boost your relationship outcomes for next to nothing.  Our monthly membership is cheaper than dinner at a restaurant.  Call the number below for more information.

What would people want more, traditional counseling or Mind Tigers?

Mind Tigers answers questions like -

  • Why am I in trouble?
  • What am I doing wrong?
  • What am I not doing?
  • What can I do to solve my problem?

Your lasting, smart, 24/7 help

Traditional counseling is slow, expensive and depends on a specific provider.  Help is not always available when needed.  Mind Tigers works 24/7 to help you improve your relationship outcomes round the clock.

Even more questions?

Even the most successful relationships can suffer from loss of love, conflicts and stress in daily life that can seem difficult or even impossible to resolve.  Relationship coaching can help people in these tough situations to work through their problems, move beyond them, and be better partners overall.

Many people believe that you should seek relationship coaching only when separation or divorce are looming.  Contrary to popular belief, relationship coaching should begin as soon as relationship problems get in the way of your daily life.

Change is a gradual process.  Yet, our approach is designed to build resilience and self-reliance so you can solve the problem without waiting for outside help.  Unlike traditional couples counseling, our approach works 100% of the time for those who follow it.

We believe that all counselors want the best for their clients.  Yet, a systematic process is required to build a successful relationship.  We have over 15 years of experience helping people with their relationship problems.  Unlike traditional counseling, our programs are designed to help you understand your strengths and limitations, discover your authentic self, and draw your own path.  We help you to clarify what you like or don’t like in a relationship, what is important to you, what gets in your way, and how to overcome it.

No.  It has more to do with your commitment to create change in your relationship than the number of sessions you take.  Accepting your true self and being authentic about who you are is the core of our philosophy.  We coach you to develop healthy relationship habits.  Just like learning to ride a bicycle or playing the flute.  It depends on your commitment and your coach’s ability to help you get there.

No.  We believe that time is the most valuable commodity in life.  In-person sessions can slow the process when you need immediate help.  Therefore, we provide online coaching 24/7 through convenient video conferencing and texting tools so you can seek help anytime, anywhere.  We take your privacy very seriously and assure 100% confidentiality of any information you share with us.

Aren't you just a little bit curious?

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