All mental health problems can be solved economically

What is Mind Tigers process?

Find the root cause, devise an action plan

Mind Tigers uses a unique model to provide affordable therapy 24/7 to people who’re suffering from poor mental health but don’t have the means to afford therapy.  The process involves discovering the precise root cause of the mental health problem and creating an action plan prior to the therapy session.

Evidence-based solutions

Our unique model leverages psychology, management science and artificial intelligence (AI) to boost mental fitness economically.  Over 5,000 users have used our unique model to reduce the cost of therapy by up to 75%.

How is Mind Tigers different from conventional therapy?

Not just direction

Conventional therapy provides very little advice or structure on how to implement changes in everyday life.  People have to rely on self-help to figure out the exact steps they need to take.  97% of people who use conventional therapy alone will not change their lives.

Focus on application

Mind Tigers provides exact steps and techniques for real-life application of the solutions, so you can see noticeable results after every therapy session.

Why Mind Tigers?

Easy and empowering

Mind Tigers is perfect for people who want real outcomes from every therapy session that are wallet friendly.  You create practical and effective solutions for every problem.

Affordable and tailored

With Mind Tigers, you can boost mental fitness for next to nothing.  It’s cheaper than dinner at a restaurant.

What would people want more, conventional therapy or Mind Tigers?

Mind Tigers answers questions like -

  • Why am I in trouble?
  • What am I doing wrong?
  • What am I not doing?
  • What can I do to solve my problem?

Your lasting, smart, 24/7 help

Conventional therapy is slow, expensive and depends on a specific care provider.  Help is not always available when needed.  Mind Tigers works 24/7 to help you boost your mental fitness round the clock.

Aren’t you just a little bit curious?