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As you’re watching the solution video, think of ways to implement the solution in your daily life.  Write those actions in your action plan.


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Even the most successful relationships suffer from loss of love, daily conflicts and stress that may seem difficult or impossible to resolve.  Relationship wellness can help you through these difficult situations, move beyond them and be better partners overall.

Most couples wait up to six years to seek any kind of professional help.  Contrary to popular belief, relationship wellness can begin as soon as problems start getting in your way.  If you have any concerns, any time is a good time to learn relationship wellness.

Our approach is designed to build resilience and self-reliance so you can resolve conflicts without waiting for outside help.  Unlike couples therapy, our approach works nonstop between sessions.

The goals are the same, i.e., reduce conflict, change behavior, change your responses to your partner’s behavior, find realistic and practical solutions, and empower you as a couple to make a terrific relationship.  Yet, we take a systematic approach to help you clarify what you like or don’t like in a relationship, what is important to you, and what gets in your way.  Our guided programs can help you connect to your core values and find your path toward your goals.

It has more to do with your commitment to change the status quo than the number of sessions you take.  Our guided programs are seven weeks long.  Your ability to change your relationship meaningfully depends on your commitment to learning and practicing healthy relationship habits daily.

No.  We believe that time is the most valuable commodity in life.  Therefore, we provide online programs through convenient video conferencing tools so you can take lessons from anywhere, anytime.  Refer to our Terms of use and Privacy policy for more information.

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