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"I found it informative. Very relaxing. I now have a new view on my negative thoughts that will help me to regain my positive ways."
Deborah Mullane


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Evidence-based solutions for diverse relationship needs

My relationship ended

Learn how to acknowledge your emotions while taking the steps to heal your pain. Reconnect with your true self and reconstruct your new future.

Looking for a new partner

Learn how to start afresh without holding on to the past. Meet potential matches without rushing into a new relationship. Clarify what you want while staying true to your values.

Marriage counseling

Use the opportunity to resolve conflicts and set mutual goals such as ‘coming to terms with the past’ and ‘getting closure’. Learn how to make thoughtful decisions together such as rebuilding and strengthening the relationship or going your separate ways.

Someone asked me out

Learn how to logically assess the possibilities while considering all the factors that matter to you. Also learn how to arrive at the right decision and comfortably share it with the other person.

Interested in someone

Learn how to balance your emotions for this person and assess the possibilities before asking them out. Also learn how to approach this person confidently while being prepared for the best case or worst case scenario.

Dealing with infidelity

Learn how to handle infidelity while being prepared for a make or break scenario. Also learn to observe the event as an occurrence and its consequences with the Here and Now approach. Create a step by step strategy for the way forward.

Dr. Kamal Khurana

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Fix your relationship problem

Get practical tips, tools and techniques to unlock love in your relationship and build a stable and long-term relationship.

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers
Even the most successful relationships can suffer from loss of love, conflicts and stress in daily life that can seem difficult or even impossible to resolve.  Relationship therapy can help people in these tough situations to work through their problems, move beyond them, and be better partners overall.
Many people believe that you should only seek relationship therapy when separation or divorce are looming.  Contrary to popular belief, relationship therapy should begin as soon as the problems get in the way of your daily life.
Change is a gradual process.  Yet, our approach is designed to provide immediate relief when you need it.  Unlike conventional therapy, our approach works 100% of the time for those who follow it.
We believe that all therapists want the best for their patients.  Yet, wishful thinking is not enough.  The right approach and systematic process are essential to gaining success in a relationship.
We have over 15 years of experience helping people with their relationship problems.  Unlike conventional therapy, our process helps you to understand your strengths and limitations.  You will get a chance to discover your authentic self.  What you like or don’t like in a relationship.  What is important to you.  What gets in your way and how to overcome it.  Our process will help you to draw your own path.
No.  It has more to do with your commitment to create change in your life than the number of sessions you take.  Accepting your true self and being authentic about who you are is a skill that needs practice.  With therapy, you can learn how to develop new relationship skills quickly.  Just like learning to ride a bicycle or playing the flute.  It depends on your commitment and your therapist’s ability to help you get there.
No.  We believe that time is the most valuable commodity.  In-person therapy can slow the process when you want immediate help.  So we provide online therapy 24/7 through convenient video conferencing tools from the comfort of your home.  We take your privacy very seriously and assure 100% confidentiality of any information you share with us.