Let us help you fix your relationship

The practical, proactive alternative to therapy.  Created by renowned relationship expert, Kamal Khurana, PhD, it is the most actionable relationship recovery program in the world.

Dr. Kamal Khurana

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Why choose us?

5,000+ broken hearts healed

Practical techniques

Stepwise instructions

Convenient and private

Results within 7 weeks

Dealing with relationship problems is easier than you think

Science-based program for all types of relationship needs and preferences.

Practical steps to achieve your relationship goals

Personalized training adapts the steps as you advance

Only 10 minutes to complete daily actions

Noticeable results within 7 weeks

One-on-one instruction

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Create the love you want in your life

Unlike couples therapy, where you relive your past over and over again, Mind Tigers helps you to let go of the past and accomplish your goals in the present.  It focuses on making proactive lifestyle choices to pursue healthy relationship outcomes, not highlighting limitations in your personality.

At Mind Tigers, everything is practical.  You focus on solving a specific problem area and learning to communicate and building friendship with your partner.  The program sets a course toward your relationship goals and keeps you motivated along the way through daily bite-sized actions.

3 simple steps

  1. Discover the precise root cause of your relationship problem.
  2. Complete the 7-week guided program on relationships to solve the problem.
  3. Get the required support to make relationship wellness a daily habit.

Simple steps, big results

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