Affordable therapy 24/7

Get real outcomes.  Make every session worth your time.

Create the life you want

Mind Tigers provides affordable therapy to boost mental fitness round the clock.

Personalized action plans to solve mental health problems

Solution intelligence adapts the plan as you advance

Only 10 minutes to complete daily actions

Noticeable results within 7 weeks

Why Mind Tigers?

Available 24/7
On your phone
Personalized therapy

Evidence-based solutions

Results within 7 weeks

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Dealing with mental health problems is easier than you think

Unlike conventional therapy, where you relive your past over and over again, Mind Tigers therapy helps you to accept your past and accomplish your goals in the present.  It focuses on empowering you to solve mental health problems, not on highlighting limitations in your personality.
An action plan is where you start the journey.  It sets a course toward your goal and keeps you focused along the way.  You can revisit your past action plans to remind you of the actions you’ve taken and the progress you’ve made.

At Mind Tigers, therapy is practical.  You focus on a specific problem area or work on bite-sized actions to get real outcomes from every therapy session.

3 simple steps

  1. Discover the precise root cause of the mental health problem before the therapy session.
  2. Create an action plan using evidence-based solutions powered by artificial intelligence (AI).
  3. Get real outcomes from the therapy session.

Simple steps, big results

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