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Practical, effective, stigma-free

Growth & well-being for everyone

Research done by Mind Tigers suggests that, by a substantial margin, people want practical steps to deal with unhealthy patterns in their life & personality.  9 out of 10 people want an action plan they can implement right away.
Unfortunately, therapy puts too much focus on costly assessments and prolonged treatment methodologies that are less effective in the short term.
After counseling tens of thousands of clients, we shifted from therapy to practical training.  Flipping the sessions to focus on application, where capabilities are learned by doing, focused on real life situations.  Enabling the ongoing development and growth of these capabilities through daily practice.  Creating a trusted community of peers to support others in their growth.

Guided programs for diverse needs

I feel lonely & misunderstood

Learn how to deal with your emotions.  Observe the situation as a challenge and learn to express yourself, while creating a winning strategy for yourself and other.

My relationship ended

Learn how to acknowledge your emotions while taking the steps to heal your pain.  Connect with your true self and construct an intentional future for yourself

I'm looking for a new career

Learn how to start anew without holding onto the past.  Meet potential matches without rushing into a new career.  Clarify what you want, and stay true to your values.

I'm interested in a business

Learn how to balance your emotions with the possibilities before asking jumping into the business.  Approach the opportunity confidently while being prepared for both best-case and worst-case scenario.

I want growth

Learn how to logically assess the possibilities of growth while considering the key factors that matter to you.  Define your immediate and long term action steps thoughtfully.    

I want to know my purpose

Learn how to resolve the inner conflict. Make a list of your values and understand the patterns in your personality. Acknowledge all that you have created so far. Listen to your inner voice.

Our story


Kamal Khurana, PhD
Most people don’t know the answer to: How to be happy?  In his teens Kamal experienced teenage loneliness.  He was a fan of positive psychology and spirituality.  During his graduate studies, he discovered that the path to happiness is through a purposeful pursuit of one’s goals.  He built programs for a range of personal and professional areas and helped over 5,000 people reach their goals.  Success according to Kamal comes with right understanding, commitment to the cause, and right effort.

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Vineet Singla

Wellness is the key to a happy and healthy life.  Caregiving for chronic illness, Vineet started these programs to empower individuals to take greater control of their health and wellbeing through education, support, and personalized care.  Vineet is trained and experienced in various coaching modalities, including one-on-one and group coaching.

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