Affordable, Actionable, Real Outcomes

Our approach

Research done by Mind Tigers suggests that, by a substantial margin, people want real outcomes from every therapy session.  9 out of 10 people want practical solutions to their mental health problems.

Conventional therapy does not focus on this imperative.  It relies on costly assessments and prolonged treatment methodologies.  As a result, only a minority of the total population has been able to seek therapy.

Real outcomes are created by solving an immediate problem while balancing the need for a comprehensive treatment.  Mind Tigers was built to do exactly that.  We create real outcomes by helping people be more resilient and self-reliant when they need it most.

Evidence-based solutions for diverse mental fitness needs


Sadness is the absence of happiness.  Working on the core areas where you feel most deprived of happiness will eliminate your sadness forever.


Fears are normal emotions that everyone experiences.  Breaking the habit of magnifying your fears when they happen will build your response mechanism.


Untangle the complexity in your relationship.  Discovering your own needs and the needs of your partner will create the bond between you two.


Having faith, building an improved version of you and counting small successes daily will boost your confidence way higher.


How you estimate yourself is a commitment you make to yourself.  Practicing self love on a daily basis is the key to showing loyalty to who you really are.

Career growth

Success in career depends on the softer components that need work.  Discover micro wins, act on them and make consistent progress toward your goals.

Our story

Vineet Singla

Hard work and perseverance helped Vineet reach top management in the technology world.  Despite creating wildly successful products loved by millions, Vineet struggled to cope with his own self-limiting beliefs.  Like those who believe that there are solutions to all life’s problems, he solved the puzzle for himself.  This inspired him to create a mental health care platform that can empower people to feel positive and self-assured regardless of circumstances.

Kamal Khurana, PhD

Most people don’t know the answer to: How to be happy?  In his teens Kamal experienced teenage loneliness.  He was a fan of positive psychology and spirituality.  After completing his graduate studies, he discovered that the path to happiness is through purposeful pursuit of one’s goals.  Success according to Kamal comes with the right understanding, commitment to the cause and the right effort.  To apply his learning, he built a proprietary model for affordable therapy and validated the model with over 5,000 people.

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